Advanced Access Control Systems NYC for Ultimate Security

Our advanced access control systems combine convenience and security to give you high-level protection. Ideal for multi-family apartments, large office spaces or highly secure facilities, our access control systems prevent unauthorized access in restricted areas of your property.

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Residential Access Control Systems NYC

Ensure the safety of your tenants and the security of your building with an access control security system. Install a key fob access control system that’s exclusively for residents, which will help prevent security breaches, anti-social behaviour within your building and more.

The installation of an advanced access control system will allow you to attract prospective tenants, while giving existing residents added peace of mind that their home is secure. 

Access control systems provide multi-layer protection because they can be used for entrance ways and on every floor of a building to restrict unauthorized access.

Commercial NYC Access Control Systems

Lax building security can lead to unwanted breaches in restricted areas. Installing a full-scale access control system across your facility is a highly secure solution if your facility is open to the public and high volumes of people.

For facilities where security is paramount, such as hospitals, government buildings, banks or schools, a fingerprint access control system represents a great solution for safeguarding vulnerable people and highly sensitive data.

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NYC Access Control System Installation

We offer full planning, design and access control system installation in NYC for:

  • Proximity Key Cards
  • Proximity Key Fobs
  • Keypads
  • Biometric Access Control
  • Elevator Access Controller

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Upgrades and Repairs for New York Access Control Systems

If your New York access control system needs upgrading, requires repairs or needs replacing, NYC Intercom Security Solutions can help. Ensuring that your system is operating as it should is crucial to keeping your property secure.

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