Certified Structured Cabling New York

Our New York structured cabling services ensure efficient network maintenance.

We can help with cabling requirements for new buildings, replacement of existing cabling or provide cable tidy services so that you know what each cable is powering and to improve network performance.

Cabling and Wiring Services NY

Whether you’re relocating your business, or your existing cabling infrastructure needs an overhaul, NYC Intercom Security Solutions can help. Our cabling engineers provide safe, cable and wiring services for one-off projects or ongoing infrastructure support.

Our reliable structured cabling solutions will help your team work faster and more efficiently with no interruptions. We will help design, install and maintain your voice, security and data cabling to meet your specific needs.

For specialist help with Cat5e, Cat6, data cable, network cable, fiber optic cable, low voltage wiring and structured cable requirements in New York City, contact us today.

Get Structured Cabling Help in New York

Our spectrum of cabling and wiring services include:

  • Network and Data Cabling: Benefit from flawless network and data cabling solutions that will improve efficiency and communication between your networked devices. Using fiber optic Cat5e and Cat6 cables, we will boost your network. This service is ideal for data centers.
  • Structured Cabling: Our structured cabling services ensure that you have a solution that can manage multiple hardware uses. We’ll make sure that your cabling can support current and future hardware requirements.
  • Communications Cabling: Our communications cabling service is ideal for connecting landline telephone systems throughout your building.
  • Rackmount Server Cabling: We will connect and organize your cabling for rack mounted servers to ensure optimum efficiency and ease of maintenance.
  • Cable and Wiring Repairs: We can quickly diagnose and fix cable and wiring problems or we can upgrade your current cabling for improved safety and efficiency.

To arrange a free, structured cabling consultation with our specialist engineers, contact us now.

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