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Residential & Commercial security systems in New York

We provide home and business security sytstems in New York

More than 1,600 burglaries a month occur in New York City, which is why we provide security systems in New York to reduce the threat of theft.

We serve the five boroughs of New York, covering Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx, protecting you and your property, while making New York communities safer for everyone.

The Best Security Systems in New York

To truly protect your home or business from becoming another statistic, you need the best security systems in New York. Our professionals in protection work with you to help plan, design, install and maintain a range of security solutions to suit you, including:

NYC Intercom Security Solutions cannot cure crime, but we can help you protect your property with the safest, smartest security solutions in New York.

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NYC Intercom Solutions

Intercom System

Intercom systems are a great security solution for homes, commercial properties, schools and more. Our intercom security systems allow you to vet visitors before they enter a building, providing personal and public protection. We quickly and professionally install intercom security systems in New York with minimum disruption.

Access Control

One of the most widely used security systems in NYC, our access control systems combine security and convenience to prevent unauthorized entry into a building. Ideal for schools, apartment complexes, commercial properties and more, we can install access control security systems in New York on the same day.

Video Survillance

If you live or manage property in high crime rate areas, our video surveillance systems serve as a deterrent, reducing the threat of burglary and vandalism. If your property is targeted, video surveillance footage can be used by police to catch perpetrators. Building managers can benefit from having video evidence in any false liability claims.

Locksmith Services

Whether you need locks changing or locks breaking, our locksmith services can help you gain access to your property if you’ve locked yourself out or we can secure your property with new locks following forced entry. Our locksmith solutions meet the highest security standards.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is essential when installing security systems in NYC. We provide industry standard structured cabling services to ensure that your security systems operate as they should 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We specialize in structured cabling installation for existing offices and new buildings, with minimal disruption.

Customized Security

All security systems in New York installed by us are customized to suit the needs of our customers. Every property has different security requirements, which is why we work with you to plan, design, install and maintain the right security solution for you to give you the best possible protection for your property.